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My one-and-only conversation to schedule a visit to my home for a kitchen renovation went very well and I was looking forward to getting my "master plan" with the company's design suggestions. My first concern was when I called to confirm that day's appointment and I left a message and I didn't get a call back.

Then no one showed up for the appointment. I left a second message and again no one called back to explain the no-show. Maybe because I was using a discount coupon for their service, and they thought the job wasn't worth their time and effort? I don't know, I never heard from them again.

The experience left me disappointed and annoyed.

With this lack of professionalism, I question their ability to do a job in a timely manner and within budget.

P.S. I got a refund for my coupon from

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glad you did not give him any money because he would of not done anything for you

New York, New York, United States #918011

we had a phenomenal experience with the design for sure. Price was not a huge difference form home depot (but less), but quality seemed better. Where we saved a lot was tile!

Highland Park, New Jersey, United States #838043

The "boss" is knowledgeable and personable, but then the project was assigned to an underling that either ignored --or never received --all of our instructions and preferences. The resulting first draft of the design was useless.

Now they have missed the promised deadline for a revision and have become unresponsive to our repeated calls and emails. Seems we wasted $50-- we were willing to upgrade to the "deluxe" $400 package, glad we didn't!--but more importantly, we lost a lot of valuable time.

to Howie Highland Park, New Jersey, United States #841315

Postscript: When I notified them I was unhappy and was requesting a refund they tried hard to make things right---except it was already too late.

North Bergen, New Jersey, United States #807338

I am kicking myself for not seeing these complaints sooner. I too have had a similar experience with Keene Design.

I paid an extra 200.00 plus the coupon. We did several calls created a plan and then I waited for the final plans to be sent. That was a month ago. No response to e-mails or phone calls.

I spoke with Amazon last week. They will refund the $50.00 for the coupon, now I need to contact my credit card company to refund the $200.00.

What a waste of time. They really are not to be trusted.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #733257

Similar thing happened to me. I purchased the Amazon Local deal as well. After they didn't return my phone calls I posted something on their facebook wall for all to see...I got a call within minutes! Imagine that!

After doing everything they requested, they provided a date where they would have the finished. The date came and went. Again I called and they gave me another date. That date also came and went. I called yet again and got a third date...which also came and went. At this point it had been nearly two months and I have seen NOTHING from them.

I tried to get ahold of them for a refund because I paid an extra $250 to get their top tier service. My messages went unanswered and their email service stopped working. Facebook messages went unanswered.

I finally had to call Amazon to get my money back from them and then I had to call my credit card company to process a chargeback. I have now received my money back...but what a waste of time!

Houston, Texas, United States #723150

I have to say......we had an awesome experience and it was more than what I expected!

Miami, Florida, United States #716917

I have had even a worse experience. Missed calls, missed appointments and first round design they sent exactly what I have now except more cramped.

Rochester, New York, United States #666687

Dear client,

We hate to hear that we missed an appt., but treat our coupon clients exactly the same as others. Im sure that this can be chalked up to a miscommunication. Please feel free to call in and reference this complaint...we would be happy to perform the design service in totality, free of any charges :).

Keen Design Group

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